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When to Replace Your Wooden Fence?

Wooden fences are a beautiful addition to any yard, but over time they do deteriorate and need to be replaced. How many years your fence will last depends on many factors such as the type of wood, whether or not it is treated, and if the fence is painted or stained.


Homeowners should regularly inspect their yard’s fences for signs of damage, especially if you have children or pets. Take a look at the following list to see if you have these issues. If you do, it’s probably is time to replace your fence.

Damage from an Accident

This is an obvious factor whether your fence was hit by a falling tree, vehicle or a recent wind storm. Be sure to check the whole fence line and adjacent fences because it’s not only the obvious area, vehicle impacts could affect the whole fence line or more.

Broken or Missing Boards

Broken or missing rails or pickets are one of the most visible signs of a fence that needs to be replaced. Not only do these damaged pieces affect the appearance of your fence, they also compromise the safety and structural integrity. A lot of homeowners repair their own fence with screws since nails don’t hold overtime. Ours are only built with screws from the beginning.

Holes in the Wood

Check for insects (carpenter ants/termites) on the small holes especially near your home/deck areas. You definitely don’t want them moving into the home and causing extensive damages. Keep an eye on the perimeter fencing for potential entry point for varmints also.

Splits/Crack in the Wood

When you have multiple splits/cracks in the wood, it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a major issue.

Staining on the Wood

When you start seeing yellow and/or grey stains on the fence, your fence has some underlying mold/rot. We recommend treat lumber for your rails and  posts, unless you upgrade to a quality galvanized post with thick ¾” cedar pickets to reduce the risk of rot and mold.

Remember to adjust your sprinklers to keep excessive water from your fence also, We’ve all seen the “umbrella” shaped water marks on fences. It’s not only unattractive, it’s shortening the life of the fence.

Leaning Fences

Usually fences start to lean because the cement has cracked, wood posts have cracked or broken or excessive winds. We’ve found in most cases, it’s time to replace the fence because resetting the posts affects the integrity of the posts and fence panels.

Repairing vs. Replacing

When you have a small area that’s damaged, look beyond that area and see if you have more damage than just the obvious area. Many times, repairing is the way to go but also look at long term cost. Several repairs over a few years add up quickly to be close or exceed the cost of replacing.

If you’re unsure if you need a repair or replacement, get 3 quotes that most local companies offer at no cost and ask their opinions. Reputable companies will be honest with you  on the best solution.


Many of these same items listed can be checked on metal, decorative and many other fence styles. We build and repair most fence styles.

Call us today for your FREE fence repair quote and estimate: (385) 442-7449.


Millcreek Fencing is a locally owned and operated Millcreek fence company that specializes in fence installation, gates, cedar fencing, wrought iron fencing, privacy fencing, fencing repair, and more. Basically any fence you can dream up – any material, style, size, budget, we can create it for you. And bonus, tear down and haul away is included in every fence quote! Call us today for your FREE fence quote and estimate: (385) 442-7449.


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